Growing up, Ike was a good target for jokes. “He has a lazy eye, a big nose, and big lips. Not to forget, he has quite a rough right hand, and a 12- letter first name that every teacher struggles to pronounce”. You probably would struggle too.

Ike ignored comments about how he looks and he focused on his books. Although he was in a low rank for Maths, English, and Science, he worked hard and he graduated from high school with straight A's in these subjects.

He also wanted to be a professional footballer but every door he knocked at said "no". “You’re a bit slow”, “You need to grow”, or “Maybe next time bro”. He didn’t give up, he continued to train with all his heart and soul, even in the snow; eventually, he struck gold. He got an opportunity to go to America to study and score goals.


While studying in America, he was still focused on his race, not his face, and he was determined to set the pace. He fastened his shoelace and he finished first place. He was the highest ranked graduating student with straight A's (4.0 GPA, 1st Class Distinction).

People still laugh at his name. But it’s not a shame. He doesn’t give his parents the blame.  He loves his name. He even made a game out of his name.
He’s not upset about his eye, he’s not shy, he’s aiming high, and he won’t stop till he reaches the sky. What a guy!

While they were talking about his hand, he was too busy building his brand which is now increasing in demand.  Within one year after graduation, he published a book titled SWITCH ON AND STAND OUT.  Ike opens up his life like a book so the world can take a look. He shares his life to inspire other lives. He shares his testimony. He goes a step further to explain the root behind his success. He explains the truths, principles, and insights that kept him focused.

Ike uses his personal experience to make a difference. He has used situations that should have brought him sorrow to create a better tomorrow. He is leading the way and inspiring others to follow

Today, Ike is driving his SWITCH ON AND STAND OUT message around the world and spreading the message everywhere.


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