I motivate students using poetry. 


My poems are different, for different situations, the aim is motivation; I use poetry for easy communication.


My poems are versatile; they can be used in English, Math’s, Drama, P.E;

Music, History, PSHE and Religious Studies, 


Class time, break time, lunch time, detention, these poems will get any student’s attention. 


It’s easy to read, easy to understand, one-page poem, and they’ve got the message in their hand. 


Inspiring students using poetry - that’s my brand, the message sticks -  they will understand.


First class impact; no second-hand, just tell me the kind of students I’m working with before-hand.  


I engage their mentality, release their creativity, and empower them to take responsibility.  


Invite me and you will see, I’ll take your students from where they are to where they need to be.


Primary school, High School, Colleges, Universities, and Organizations;

My poems are not just for some days; they have an everyday application. 


My desire is to inspire - I don’t get tired. I was born for this -  I will not retire.


Contact me by phone, website, or by email. Success is possible, we will not fail. 



I have written poems that speak into the following topics and issues:

•    Identity
•    Self-esteem
•    Bullying
•    Purpose
•    Potential
•    Hard Work
•    Mindset
•    Resilience
•    Self-discipline
•    Success
•    Fun
•    Reading
•    Belief
•    Goals/Dreams
•    Friendships
•    Relationships
•    Sex
•    Leadership
•    High School
•    University
•    The future

•    ... and many more. 

All of the above topics can be customized so they are relevant to your audience. If you would like a chat or if you like to Invite me, kindly fill the contact form below or call 07533 630 036.